Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Prayers Requested

 We had a decent amount of mail this morning but were so efficient that we were able to finish by 11:00 am.  I only remembered to pull out the camera as we were getting ready to leave. Below are just 4 of the volunteers that came today.  There were 5 others not pictured as they had already left the office. 

We had to quit about then as the electricity went out and didn't come back on.  We had a good time working together. Some interesting letters came in today and we had 22 Bible requests.  Please remember to pray for Bill and his wife Joan. They both have to be at Mayo Clinic tomorrow to figure out what is the next step.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 We had another good morning at the Berean office getting everything done that needed to be done. Below Justin and Shirley are working on studies.

Bill is in the other room working.
Marvin was on the computer, Kathy and Dave were reading letters while Shirley and Justin worked on studies.
Vonnie organizes the filling of envelopes and also filling boxes. We would be lost without her.  Marvin does all the copying of lessons. Shirley does all the intermediate. 
Skip and Bill were discussing the postage machine. Both of these run that machine when Bruce isn't here. We were short a few volunteers today.
Kathy brought in a wonderful mint dessert. After finishing everyone enjoyed that delicious dish with a cup of coffee before heading out. The Bibles were dropped off at the Hanna City post office just after noon.  We are very thankful for everything that happens in this office.