Tuesday, January 19, 2021

New Volunteer

 A new volunteer showed up at the Berean office, that is new to us. He has been working in the jails and prisons for years. He is also on the board and we are very appreciative when a board member volunteers in this office. 

We put him right to work reading letters and once he was finished with that Marvin taught him how to run the postage machine. With Leila and Bruce gone for the rest of the winter we were wondering who would take over both of their jobs. Today was Marvin's last day for a month so it is even more important that we have another reader in the group. Kathy was back and gave us a good update on Dave. Chuck came in and told me he enjoyed breakfast with David and Stephanie yesterday. Ron came back and was put to work with Shirley and Ray opening mail then labeling the Bibles.

We finished up before noon, had coffee cake and coffee then cleaned up and left. 40 Bibles were taken to the Bartonville post office along with the first class letters and post cards. What a wonderful service these volunteers do with keeping this program alive all through this crazy pandemic time. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Grunge Work

 We didn't have a lot of mail today so were able to use the time to get a lot of grunge work done. Ron was back so he and Ray were put to work on the most boring tedious job of the day, stamping the return addresses on envelopes. There were 38 Bible requests and once the studies were processed Shirley helped Marvin with the reading. Some of our volunteers are snow birds and we lost Bruce and Leila for that reason. We were really glad Ron showed up to help take up the slack. Not a lot of pictures today I forgot to change the battery in the camera and had to use the phone. Below they have finished stuffing envelopes and are stuffing Bibles.

Below Marvin is working on one of the harder letters to answer. 
Below they are wrapping the stuffed Bibles and getting them ready to be mailed out. 
We were finished before noon and enjoyed a nice break with coffee and coffee cake before heading down to the Bartonville post office to drop off the Bibles. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A New Year

 We had so much mail that I was determined to get to the Berean office before 9:00 am and made it there at 8:40 giving me enough time to get a pot of coffee going before the first volunteers showed up. Bruce and Leila were the next to arrive and they jumped right in to help. Everyone that was coming arrived by 9:00 and we were hard opening mail and reading letters. We were so busy there were only a few pictures take but by the time we were done we had over 300 studies processed and mailed out 82 Bibles. Below are the pictures of the morning.

Not pictured is Vonnie who came to pick up the Michigan mail but stayed to help as there were so many to process. We all worked overtime today! I was very thankful for everyone that arrived and helped. It was a very good start for the brand new year.