Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A New Year

 We had so much mail that I was determined to get to the Berean office before 9:00 am and made it there at 8:40 giving me enough time to get a pot of coffee going before the first volunteers showed up. Bruce and Leila were the next to arrive and they jumped right in to help. Everyone that was coming arrived by 9:00 and we were hard opening mail and reading letters. We were so busy there were only a few pictures take but by the time we were done we had over 300 studies processed and mailed out 82 Bibles. Below are the pictures of the morning.

Not pictured is Vonnie who came to pick up the Michigan mail but stayed to help as there were so many to process. We all worked overtime today! I was very thankful for everyone that arrived and helped. It was a very good start for the brand new year.  

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