Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Grunge Work

 We didn't have a lot of mail today so were able to use the time to get a lot of grunge work done. Ron was back so he and Ray were put to work on the most boring tedious job of the day, stamping the return addresses on envelopes. There were 38 Bible requests and once the studies were processed Shirley helped Marvin with the reading. Some of our volunteers are snow birds and we lost Bruce and Leila for that reason. We were really glad Ron showed up to help take up the slack. Not a lot of pictures today I forgot to change the battery in the camera and had to use the phone. Below they have finished stuffing envelopes and are stuffing Bibles.

Below Marvin is working on one of the harder letters to answer. 
Below they are wrapping the stuffed Bibles and getting them ready to be mailed out. 
We were finished before noon and enjoyed a nice break with coffee and coffee cake before heading down to the Bartonville post office to drop off the Bibles. 

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