Thursday, June 29, 2017

Exactly 100

We had exactly 100 Bible requests today and were able to get everyone of those requests filled. I stuffed and wrapped while Edie and Roma went right to work labeling. When Robin arrived she helped load them in the boxes and into the car.
I was very thankful for the help today as I wanted to get back in time to help Joan with the last day of Indian Camp. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Smart Phones Arrive

WE sure had a fun day today 'working' at the  Berean office. 2 of our volunteers got smart phones this week and all of a sudden we were on Facebook. I'd heard about employees wasting time on Facebook but didn't realize this would also apply to volunteers. All of us had such a fun time teasing Jeanette that it really was amazing we got the work done today and not just that work, we got tomorrow's work done also. Below are a few pictures of our morning. Now if it seems that most of the pictures have Jeanette in the, it was a set up, she didn't realize until later what exactly was happening.
 Below Jeanette is telling Kathy about her son's wedding in California. 
 The other room workers WERE working. 

As were some of the volunteers in this room. 
  The wedding was so beautiful that Jeanette wanted to share the pictures...with EVERYBODY!

 Mom had to get in on the fun and pulled out her brand new smart phone. 
 The first thing she did was pull up a video of a little kid sitting in a watermelon on Facebook and also had to share it. 

 These smart phones are amazing. In the other room things were a bit more serious. 
The studies were stuffed and made ready for mailing in this room. 

 The work was getting down quickly until Jeanette pulled her smart phone back out. 

Right about now was when she finally figured out we were setting her up.
In all reality, yes we had a lot of fun but the work really did get done and done well. I am so thankful for volunteers who give of their time so willingly.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

90 Bibles

Edie and Anna came in today to help with stuffing, wrapping, stamping and labeling the Bibles. By the time we finished we had 90 Bibles loaded into the car ready for mailing. The only problem was I forgot to get the camera out until after the last Bible was loaded. The two pictures below were snapped as the ladies were cleaning up our mess from the wrapping.

the next time we will work is Tuesday June 27th starting at 9:00 am. We should have a big mail day then and would be thrilled for anyone wanting to volunteer.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday's Workers

We typically have a small group come in on Wednesdays. The Bible requests are entered and the study boxes filled for the next week. There were 5 of us today and we had everything finished after an hour of work. Each person sits down and immediately starts to work. Cindy and  Dave use the computers to enter the Bible requests while Mary and  Carol fold studies and fill boxes.
After all the requests are entered Dave prints out the Bible labels. Tomorrow we will be stuffing, wrapping, labeling, stamping and loading Bibles. I'm sure thankful for the Wednesday Workers! While they were busy in this room working I was in the other room making copies of the studies for next week. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lots Of Laughter

The Berean office was filled with laughter today. Lots of happy, funny and wonderful stories from the weekend. The Sermon on the Mount was a huge success. Below are a few  pictures taken Friday night at Expo Gardens in Peoria, IL.
 Above is some of the crowd waiting for the show to start. Below is Craig Langhoffer giving a bull whip demonstration.

 Above is Lew Sterrett on his horse Handsome and below is a close up of Lew. In this picture he is actually sitting on Handsome talking to us.  

 Above he is just starting to work with the 10 year old mustang mare. Notice Handsome does not have a bridle on. Lew did the entire training session bridleless.  Handsome is a very well trained horse. The mustang had been brought in by a lady that rescues mustangs, this mare had never had anything done to her. The trailer ride to the Expo was a nightmare for her but by the end of the session, she was being ridden and was well behaved.  Below is Kami riding the mustang mare while Lew leads her on his bridleless horse Handsome. 
It was such a huge success, we hope Lew will consider coming back next year. A free will offering was taken during the evening with all the proceeds going to Berean. Over $13,000.00 was raised for Bibles, postage and supplies such as envelopes and paper. A BIG thank you to all who came and donated to this very worthy cause. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from the evening click HERE. We had a good day today too. Lots of work got done.

 Below Mark is showing us the cartoons that came in a request letter. 

We really do have a great time while working together. This is just a wonderful place and we thank the Wayne Unsicker family for providing such a perfect office for this work.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mailing Bibles

I really thought I would be working by myself today wrapping, labeling and loading Bibles and was very pleasantly surprised to find new volunteers already at the Berean office waiting to start work. Anna was put to work in the other room getting the Bible labels ready for applying.
 Robyn, Ken and (not pictured) Glenna went right to work on the Bibles.
We had them all stuffed, wrapped, labeled and loaded by 10:30 am then sat down and enjoyed a piece of apple pie ala mode.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Working Overtime

We had a good group of volunteers on Tuesday June 13th. These people just work so well together even if we have a big batch of mail they all just jump in and start working.The first job is to count the studies that arrive. As we mail out some of the mail non for profit we need to have at least 200 pieces of mail go out at once. We are ALWAYS over that number.
Marie and Justin kept the copy machine running full blast.
 Mom and Marvin are opening mail and applying labels. 
Below George was working on a letter but thought he could hide behind the letter when the camera came out.
 Check out those busy hands in the picture below. Everyone is hard at work. 
 Mark and Dave are working on a letter (at least they TOLD us they were).
 As soon as the studies are entered and labels are printed they are taken into the other room to stuff the next lesson for mailing. 
 After lunch Bill and I stayed until every Bible request was entered and the label printed. We will have 491 Bibles going out tomorrow and entered and printed 276 Bible requests. That is actually 2 weeks worth as last week I was out of town and the Bible requests didn't get done.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Noisy Office

The office today was ringing with the sound of happy voices as the many volunteers worked together opening mail, reading letters, processing studies and enjoying one another's company. When God said we are not to forsake the assembly of the saints (Hebrews 10:25) He didn't just mean in church. He created us as social beings and taught us to be great in HIS kingdom we need to serve others. How joyful it is to be in the Berean office on Tuesday mornings serving with fellow believers. Below are a few pictures of some of the volunteers all working hard today.

We got everything done we needed to get done. The Berean office will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The next time we will be working is next Tuesday June 13th.