Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Smart Phones Arrive

WE sure had a fun day today 'working' at the  Berean office. 2 of our volunteers got smart phones this week and all of a sudden we were on Facebook. I'd heard about employees wasting time on Facebook but didn't realize this would also apply to volunteers. All of us had such a fun time teasing Jeanette that it really was amazing we got the work done today and not just that work, we got tomorrow's work done also. Below are a few pictures of our morning. Now if it seems that most of the pictures have Jeanette in the, it was a set up, she didn't realize until later what exactly was happening.
 Below Jeanette is telling Kathy about her son's wedding in California. 
 The other room workers WERE working. 

As were some of the volunteers in this room. 
  The wedding was so beautiful that Jeanette wanted to share the pictures...with EVERYBODY!

 Mom had to get in on the fun and pulled out her brand new smart phone. 
 The first thing she did was pull up a video of a little kid sitting in a watermelon on Facebook and also had to share it. 

 These smart phones are amazing. In the other room things were a bit more serious. 
The studies were stuffed and made ready for mailing in this room. 

 The work was getting down quickly until Jeanette pulled her smart phone back out. 

Right about now was when she finally figured out we were setting her up.
In all reality, yes we had a lot of fun but the work really did get done and done well. I am so thankful for volunteers who give of their time so willingly.

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