Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Working Overtime

We had a good group of volunteers on Tuesday June 13th. These people just work so well together even if we have a big batch of mail they all just jump in and start working.The first job is to count the studies that arrive. As we mail out some of the mail non for profit we need to have at least 200 pieces of mail go out at once. We are ALWAYS over that number.
Marie and Justin kept the copy machine running full blast.
 Mom and Marvin are opening mail and applying labels. 
Below George was working on a letter but thought he could hide behind the letter when the camera came out.
 Check out those busy hands in the picture below. Everyone is hard at work. 
 Mark and Dave are working on a letter (at least they TOLD us they were).
 As soon as the studies are entered and labels are printed they are taken into the other room to stuff the next lesson for mailing. 
 After lunch Bill and I stayed until every Bible request was entered and the label printed. We will have 491 Bibles going out tomorrow and entered and printed 276 Bible requests. That is actually 2 weeks worth as last week I was out of town and the Bible requests didn't get done.

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