Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Another New Volunteer.

 We arrived at the Berean office just in time to watch Chuck unlock the door. The mail was brought inside and as each arrived they went right to work. Our computer needed to update so the studies couldn't be entered until 9:30 am but there was other jobs to do while the update was happening.

We had a new volunteer today, Jenifer was willing to come learn how to help.
We had 28 Bible request today. Those were labeled and stamped then loaded into the car.
We finished the work before 11:00 am and enjoyed visiting with Joan, the lady that comes from the Brethren church to pick up studies for others to grade. She told us that before she delivers them she drives to the fellowship hall, parks and prays over each of the studies. We enjoyed the visiting time after the work was done.  The Bibles were taken to the Bartonville post office on the way home. It really is a blessed morning to get to work at that office. All of us are glad to and want to serve.  ATTENTION! The BEREAN OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED Tuesday July 6th, 2022.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Double the Blessing

 Mom and I left a little early this morning. We drove first to the Casey's in Hanna City, but there were too many cars, too many people and not enough donuts so we drove to the one by the jail. They had plenty of donuts BUT the donuts weren't near as good as the Hanna City Casey's. They don't use as much icing and frankly they didn't taste as fresh, kind of like they had been sitting there overnight AND cost $3.00 extra. I guess if we want fresh donuts I have to go to our Hanna City Casey's EARLY in the morning. It is worth the extra 8 miles (4 there and 4 back) to get delicious fresh baked. That is probably why there are so many people lined up for donuts in Hanna City. Those customers are more than likely coming from Peoria.  When we arrived Chuck and Skip were already waiting with a fresh pot of coffee. They decided to eat theirs before working.  We had a very good crew working today and got a lot done. We also had 36 Bible request today. Below are a few pictures of the morning. 

Above Marvin is asking someone to pray. At 9:30 am we stop what ever we are working on for this important prayer. Not only do we pray for the prisoners but we pray for us the volunteers also.

Today we wrapped 5 boxes of Bibles. They are all stuffed with the introductory letter, a business reply envelop and the first 4 sets of the study.

We fins a good percentage of prisoners that ask for a Bible will also send in the studies. We have one prisoner that has gone through the basic study and the intermediate 2 times each and is working on  the 3rd of both at the same time. He needs something to fill his time while in prison and loves getting the graded study back with encouraging comments. We are thankful for the opportunity to volunteer for this ministry that not only helps prisoners it is a blessing for the volunteers also. That's what we call, "double the blessing!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Donut Shortage

 Mom and I stopped at Casey's this morning early to pick up donuts for the Berean volunteers. Casey's was open but accepting cash only AND they were almost out of donuts. I was able to snag 9 but wasn't sure if I had enough cash on me so put them on the counter, told the customer who I was behind in the long line that I was just going out to the car to look for cash then went out to the car and asked mom if she had any cash. She had $6.00 on her and between us we had enough to purchase those 9 delicious donuts. The lady that was saving my place in line asked as soon as I walked back, "do you need some cash? We really have nice people here in Hanna City. BUT if you want more than 9 donuts one had better get there when they open. I guess we also have a donut shortage along with our gas and lumber shortage.  We had a good group of volunteers today and got everything done by 11:00 am. Below are a few pictures of our morning there.

Above Leila is checking the board as she opens a letter. Below Marvin and Skip are trying to figure out the spelling on the name of a Bible request. That is one of our big challenges. If we don't get it correct, the prison rejects them with the notice "name and number don't match" and then we have to pay the same postage to get it back as we did to get it to the prison. 
Bill had the prayer today. Each morning Marvin's phone alarm goes off to remind us it is time to pray for the prisoners and us.
We had more people than donuts but everyone get at least some of a donut. We are good at sharing at that office. 


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A Way to Serve

 We are getting concerned that our Bible requests are dropping but then realized during the pandemic they let thousands of prisoners out and made marijuana legal. Hopefully those that need and want a Bible will still know where to ask for one. We were able to finish everything by 11:00 am. Below are a few pictures from our morning.

We really do have a good time working in this office and are thankful for a way to serve.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Good Morning

 Mom and I stopped at Casey's on the way in to the Berean office to pick up a dozen of fresh baked donuts for our coffee break. We were a little early and thought we would be the first ones to the office only to find 2 cars already there. Bruce and Skip were both already waiting for the mail.  Bill picked up the mail this morning and got stuck in that long line at the Peoria post office. They only have 1 teller working in the mornings. Meanwhile most of us had arrived and were visiting around the table while waiting.

Kathy happened to look out the window and saw Bill coming with a box of mail so when he walked in we all cheered.
We all went right to work. Below are a few pictures of the morning.

We had everything done by 11:30 am and enjoyed visiting around the table with our coffee and donuts until it was time to leave. Ron loaded the Bibles in the car while I grabbed the garbage. It was a very good morning.