Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Double the Blessing

 Mom and I left a little early this morning. We drove first to the Casey's in Hanna City, but there were too many cars, too many people and not enough donuts so we drove to the one by the jail. They had plenty of donuts BUT the donuts weren't near as good as the Hanna City Casey's. They don't use as much icing and frankly they didn't taste as fresh, kind of like they had been sitting there overnight AND cost $3.00 extra. I guess if we want fresh donuts I have to go to our Hanna City Casey's EARLY in the morning. It is worth the extra 8 miles (4 there and 4 back) to get delicious fresh baked. That is probably why there are so many people lined up for donuts in Hanna City. Those customers are more than likely coming from Peoria.  When we arrived Chuck and Skip were already waiting with a fresh pot of coffee. They decided to eat theirs before working.  We had a very good crew working today and got a lot done. We also had 36 Bible request today. Below are a few pictures of the morning. 

Above Marvin is asking someone to pray. At 9:30 am we stop what ever we are working on for this important prayer. Not only do we pray for the prisoners but we pray for us the volunteers also.

Today we wrapped 5 boxes of Bibles. They are all stuffed with the introductory letter, a business reply envelop and the first 4 sets of the study.

We fins a good percentage of prisoners that ask for a Bible will also send in the studies. We have one prisoner that has gone through the basic study and the intermediate 2 times each and is working on  the 3rd of both at the same time. He needs something to fill his time while in prison and loves getting the graded study back with encouraging comments. We are thankful for the opportunity to volunteer for this ministry that not only helps prisoners it is a blessing for the volunteers also. That's what we call, "double the blessing!"

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