Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Another New Volunteer.

 We arrived at the Berean office just in time to watch Chuck unlock the door. The mail was brought inside and as each arrived they went right to work. Our computer needed to update so the studies couldn't be entered until 9:30 am but there was other jobs to do while the update was happening.

We had a new volunteer today, Jenifer was willing to come learn how to help.
We had 28 Bible request today. Those were labeled and stamped then loaded into the car.
We finished the work before 11:00 am and enjoyed visiting with Joan, the lady that comes from the Brethren church to pick up studies for others to grade. She told us that before she delivers them she drives to the fellowship hall, parks and prays over each of the studies. We enjoyed the visiting time after the work was done.  The Bibles were taken to the Bartonville post office on the way home. It really is a blessed morning to get to work at that office. All of us are glad to and want to serve.  ATTENTION! The BEREAN OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED Tuesday July 6th, 2022.  

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