Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Good Morning

 Mom and I stopped at Casey's on the way in to the Berean office to pick up a dozen of fresh baked donuts for our coffee break. We were a little early and thought we would be the first ones to the office only to find 2 cars already there. Bruce and Skip were both already waiting for the mail.  Bill picked up the mail this morning and got stuck in that long line at the Peoria post office. They only have 1 teller working in the mornings. Meanwhile most of us had arrived and were visiting around the table while waiting.

Kathy happened to look out the window and saw Bill coming with a box of mail so when he walked in we all cheered.
We all went right to work. Below are a few pictures of the morning.

We had everything done by 11:30 am and enjoyed visiting around the table with our coffee and donuts until it was time to leave. Ron loaded the Bibles in the car while I grabbed the garbage. It was a very good morning.

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