Tuesday, May 25, 2021

2 Pallets Full

 We had a good mornings work at the Berean office. Not only did we get all the Bible studies processed and 32 Bible requests filled we were able to stack 2 pallet loads of Bibles in the office AND wrap 5 extra boxes. Below are a few pictures of our productive morning. It is amazing how there are many different jobs to this one ministry and everyone that volunteers in this office know how to do most of those jobs.

Above Marvin is working on returned Bibles while Leila reads letters. Below Wayne has arrived with his fork lift ready to haul 2 pallets full of Bibles over to the office.  Wayne and Lukie also provided fresh baked donuts from Trefzgers Bakery. Those were delicious!
Above Ron is stamping envelopes and below Shirley, Leila, Shirley, Chuck and Vonnie are busy stuffing and wrapping Bibles.
Below I had asked Shirley to hold the empty box and she found a way to hold it AND still work.
WE really had a good crew working today and got a lot accomplished.
The smiles below show that we also have FUN while working.
I was very thankful for everything that got done today and we even got a jump on next week with getting so many Bibles wrapped.

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