Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Rainy Day

 We had rain all day today, which works out well for us in the Berean office. The farmers in the group could not work in the rain so came to volunteer with us. We were able to get everything done before noon. Usually Bruce is busy in the fields but with the rain he ran the postage machine.

Kathy, Leila and Marvin went right to work on the letters. 
Skip read letters then helped me on the computer both on Bible studies and entering Bibles.

In the other room Shirley, Vonnie and Ray were busy filling studies. 
When the studies were finished we went to work on labeling the Bibles.

We were able to have a coffee break just after 11:00.
Above Ray who was working here only because it was raining. was explaining to Leila that he needed to be standing so he could see his wife better. Of course the rest of us all burst out laughing. 
We have such a good time working together even with a rainy day outside it was full of brightness and laughter inside. I'm so thankful we get the chance to work together to help spread the good news of Jesus to prisoners. 

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