Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Tuesdays News a Day Late

 Yesterday was just too busy with the co-op concert and horse work which meant today's post on Berean really happened yesterday. We had a good group but had some problems with the computers and the printer.  Below Joan Nelson is sharing with us some special writings from some of the prisoners. 

Bruce is busy attaching labels to envelopes then the envelopes to the correct studies. 
Skip and Leila were the readers. Kathy and Dave are up at Mayo clinic. Hopefully they can figure out Dave's medical problems. 
Below we are finishing up the stuffing of studies
Below the two Shirleys are discussing how to handle one of the problem letters.
Mom and I had to leave before Bill got the postage machine going. That machine is from Pitney Bowes and is almost always giving us trouble. Today it kept trying to update over and over and we could not print out the Bible stamps.  Marvin stayed late trying to get the printer to keep chugging out copies. He told me tonight that he ended up going back today and working on it. We could really use prayers that the computers and printers keep working. It really holds us up when they don't. 

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