Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Blessings Galore

 We didn't have a lot of mail this morning but all of us had plenty to do and before we knew it the time had flown by. Below are a few pictures. Vonnie keeps everyone busy in one room while I work in the other.

Skip is running off the Bible postage while Shirley is working on the intermediate studies. 

Shirley and Chuck have already finished processing the studies and were put to work on envelopes in the picture above, below Skip, Leila and mom have an assembly line with the Bibles while Shirley is filling the intermediates, Megan is folding new studies then putting those with envelopes while Marvin makes copies.

After our coffee break which was coffee, 3 different kinds of a Danish pastry and cinnamon rolls Chuck left to pick up water for the volunteers. The office is on a well and Wayne does not think it is safe to drink. Chuck brought in 20 cases of water. Marvin, Chuck, Leila, mom and I formed and assembly line to get them out of Chucks trunk and into the office. We are very thankful for his efforts. 
We have so much to be thankful for. We GET to volunteer here, we have a WONDERUL office that is perfectly suited for this ministry and we can HELP prisoners all over America through this program. What a blessing this ministry has been to us as volunteers and to those requesting Bibles.

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