Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Rainy Day

We had a very rainy start to the day and when we finished our work at the Berean office the rain was coming down hard and only 46 degrees outside. Thankfully the inside was warm and cheerful. We had lots of smiles and laughter from the start to the end of the work. Thankful to all who showed up and all who are willing to work.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

After Easter

We didn't have a lot of mail today and more than likely that was because of the Easter Holiday.  We had plenty of volunteers so got not just the mail processed and the Bible requests filled, we got some other work done too.

I missed getting pictures of some of the volunteers but everyone that came really helped and had a good time doing the work. I'm very thankful for those who give of their time to come help keep this office running.  After lunch we were discussing how amazing it is to be able to do this work with the help of all of these wonderful volunteers

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Happy Volunteers

We had a very good morning at the Berean office. Plenty of volunteers to get the work done by noon.
Mark came again and went right to work on the computer.
The readers today were Leila, Marvin, Dave and Kathy

 Kathy and Dave brought the lunch today and got all the letters read before needing to get lunch set up.
 The two Shirley's, Glenna, Jan, Bruce and Chuck opened the mail.

When they finished with processing the studies they went to work on stuffing envelopes and mailing Bibles in the other room.

The picture below was taken just as the last Bible was packaged up. Happy smiles to be finished for the day.
Thankful to work for such wonderful HAPPY volunteers.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

They Are BACK

We had some of our long lost volunteers come back today and we were thrilled. We had a big batch of mail and needed each and every person who came. We really enjoy each other's company as we labor together.  The office was filled with happy voices.

We were able to process 68 Bible requests and over 200 studies this week. It is nice to see the program growing again.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Another Good Day

We wanted to start with a prayer and have in the past but usually get so busy we forget. Marvin is now setting his alarm to go off at 9:30 am for that reason.  The work just goes so much better when we ask for His blessing and His help to do HIS work.  Marvin came in early this morning to work on our computers.
 We are always glad to see Bill, he is a true leader for the ministry. He makes the coffee and serves it but more than that he deals with the post office, he talks to chaplains directly about the ministry, opens doors to prisons and jails and saves thousands of dollars in postage by working with the chaplains direct. Below he is making the coffee for our lunch break. Shirley, Chuck and Jeanette are busy filling the studies.  
 Vonnie organized all the studies while mom and Chuck stuffed envelopes
 This was Shirley's second week and today she was a pro. 
 We had a good morning, quit for a leisurely lunch around 11:15 am. I'm thankful for all who come to volunteer at this office.