Thursday, July 28, 2016

Berean Banquet Information

Anyone that would like to attend the Berean Banquet held August 27th, 2016 WE would LOVE to have YOU!
WHEN Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 5:30 P.M.
WHERE Five Points in Washington, IL
 FEATURED SPEAKER Manny Mill CEO of Koinonia House National Ministries (KHNM)
check out the flyer below for all the information:
We had another light day at the Berean office giving us lots of time to finish up some of the problem letters and messes. The first helper to arrive was Rebekah and her son Jordan. Rebekah was willing to take a tub of studies to the Roanoke church for grading which is a big help for Peoria. Right now Peoria has a back log of studies to be graded and some of the prisoners are asking where their lesson is and when will they find out how they did.

 Edie, Anna, Eva Jean and Roma went right to work opening the mail and processing the studies.
 When Shelby arrived she was put to work stuffing envelopes. We were all finished by 10:00 pm and sat down for a piece of apple pie and brownies. The only thing missing was a cup of coffee but in this heat no one wanted to make the coffee so we just made do with cold water.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Computer Crash

Cindy, Dave and I were all working on the computers today typing in Bible requests when something strange happened. All of a sudden Dave's was locked, then mine. The only one working was Cindy's. We were sure she did something to lock us out but she was sure she hadn't. It didn't take long for Cindy's to do the same thing as the other 2 computers.

With Marvin and Gail gone out of the country in Brazil for 3 weeks Phil was called. He recommended turning everything off then back on. Below Cindy and Dave are waiting for all the computers to boot back up staring at blank screens.
Carol was busy on the other table folding studies and just kept right on working when we were goofing off waiting.
 When the computers turned back on our program started working again. Exactly why or how that happens is such a mystery to me.
With 3 of us working we typed the last name in around 11:20 am, quickly printed out the labels and by 11:31 am were on our way to Bob Evans on Allen rd to join the senior lunch bunch. Dave wasn't quite sure he was old enough to join that elite group of people but they were glad when he arrived. We had a nice meal together. The picture below was taken of the right side of the table and the men had already gotten up to pay the bill. The restaurant set us at one long table and I was sitting about in the middle. I forgot to take pictures of the left side of the table. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Noisy but SO Productive Crew

The Berean office was unbelievably noisy today, although I'm not sure one can consider the music floating from the other room noise. That truly was beautiful but when the other room tried to join in complaints were heard from those trying to read. Evidently the singing was distracting. Too True! We were busy with an abundance of studies needing to be entered, labeled, stamped, stuffed and sealed.
Honestly I was too busy to remember to pick up the camera until lunch time except for the picture below which was snapped before I sat down to work. Shirley, Marvin L, Glenna and Eva Jean just went right to work opening the mail. Not pictured was Vonnie who came in just after that picture was taken. .David, Kathy and mom were the readers on the other table.
 Sarah was put to work on one of the 3 computers, Ruth and I worked on the other 2 and between the 3 of us we easily kept up with the people opening and those applying the labels. 
 The three ladies below kept both of the Berean rooms of volunteers busy. 
 Our lunch break was welcome today. Mom made a strawberry pie that went over so well there was nothing left by the time lunch was over. 

After lunch we went right back to work and were able to finish the job BEFORE 2:00 pm. Meister's was called to get a load of Bibles delivered but they are still out. I was very very thankful for all the help today. These volunteers come willingly giving of their time, muscles and brains. Joan took the 2 full boxes of studies to be mailed to the post office.
If you have read this far please read just a bit farther. The Berean banquet is just ONE MONTH AWAY. We are hoping, no PRAYING for a good turn out. This will be held at 5 points Washington again Saturday August 27th. It is always a good meal and very informative about the many activities the Berean Prison ministry does. I know there are so many charities asking for money and many are so very important but I want to put a plug in for this ministry. Here in America NONE of the money raised is used for salaries, the donations that come in are used for Bibles, postage, supplies and shipping costs. The prisoner's letters are in my mind the heart of the ministry. These men and women are the throw away souls that sometimes only God loves. Please consider coming to the banquet and help Berean be the physical hands of our loving God.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Today Cindy, Carol and I worked on yesterday's mail. All the studies that we couldn't get done yesterday were done today plus most of the Bible requests were entered and the labels printed out.
 Above Carol is applying the stamps to the envelopes and below Cindy is still entering Bible requests. 
I had to leave at noon and left these two ladies to finish up. How thankful I am for willing volunteers who not just come but come to help joyfully.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


We needed to take a week off after the 4th of July and today we paid for that week off. We had 4 tubs of mail. Check out the piles of mail in front of Glenna and Jaclyn. Bruce, Marvin L and Chuck were also hard at work opening at the other table while Vonnie was bringing mail to the other tables.
 Check out the piles of mail in front of mom. The bulk of the mail today was Bible studies so the computers were very busy. 
 We were thankful Shirley is back. She was gone for over a month after getting her brand new knee.
 Ruth, Sarah and Joan worked on the 3 computers today all entering and printing out study labels. 
 Once we had a good start on opening the mail Marvin, Chuck and Bruce were put to work applying labels and stamping envelopes. 
 Lila, Marvin H, David and Kathy were the readers on one table while mom and Shirley were readers on the other table while Glenna, Jaclyn, Eva Jean and Vonnie opened mail and applied labels. 
 In the other room Jan, Joyce, Hannah, Berlica, Mackenson and Faith were also hard at work opening the mail. There was enough mail today to keep everyone busy.
 Below Kathy and David are discussing a letter with Marvin. 
 There were around 300 requests letters for Bibles and once those were read mom went in the other room where Marie was keeping everyone busy separating the lessons, applying stamps, stuffing envelopes with the next study or sealing envelopes.
 Berlica and Mackenson were given the job of stamping the return address on boxes of envelopes. They do this job so well.  
 Faith is very good at figuring out which label goes with which study. She is careful to read both the name and address and if she finds a mistake will bring it in for us to correct. We are very thankful when Joan brings her children in to help. 
 Below Marie is explaining something to Marvin about the folded prepared studies and how to make sure each prisoner gets sent the correct study. 
In the picture below look toward the back of the room, we have Joan, Sarah and Ruth all working on the same program all on their own computer. Someone who does not want to be named, donated money for a new computer and now all three are hooked up and working all at once. 
 Lunch was a welcome break today.
 After lunch Ruth, Sarah and I worked on the computers so Joan could work with Kathy, Marie, Hannah and Mackenson on separating and stuffing envelopes. 
 Our big surprise came after lunch. Erin Funk brought her children in with a plate of home baked cookies as a thank you to all the hard workers today. What a wonderful treat and surprise. 
We were all so thankful and all glad to take a quick break. Even though we had 2 weeks worth of work everyone was so willing to labor for the Lord. A big big thank you to all who showed up, gave of their time and effort and a big big thank you to Erin for bringing us such a nice treat. We will be working on Wednesday. We were not able to get all the studies processed. We will plan on working from 9:00 am to noon. Please feel free to come help if you have a few hours to spare. The work is easy and the fellowship is wonderful.