Thursday, July 28, 2016

Berean Banquet Information

Anyone that would like to attend the Berean Banquet held August 27th, 2016 WE would LOVE to have YOU!
WHEN Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 5:30 P.M.
WHERE Five Points in Washington, IL
 FEATURED SPEAKER Manny Mill CEO of Koinonia House National Ministries (KHNM)
check out the flyer below for all the information:
We had another light day at the Berean office giving us lots of time to finish up some of the problem letters and messes. The first helper to arrive was Rebekah and her son Jordan. Rebekah was willing to take a tub of studies to the Roanoke church for grading which is a big help for Peoria. Right now Peoria has a back log of studies to be graded and some of the prisoners are asking where their lesson is and when will they find out how they did.

 Edie, Anna, Eva Jean and Roma went right to work opening the mail and processing the studies.
 When Shelby arrived she was put to work stuffing envelopes. We were all finished by 10:00 pm and sat down for a piece of apple pie and brownies. The only thing missing was a cup of coffee but in this heat no one wanted to make the coffee so we just made do with cold water.

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