Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Full House

We had fun today at the Berean office. Amazing how work can be fun when working with joyful helpers. The volunteers today were full of joy, glad for the opportunity to serve and all were pleased to be there. There is an abundance of smiles, laughs and happy chatter coming from these 2 rooms on any given Tuesday.
 Above Shelby is working on the computer while below Marvin, Joyce, Glenna, Shirley, Eva Jean, and Vonnie are hard at work opening the studies. 
 In the other room Vonnie's three grand daughters were put to work slitting open the envelopes. 
 The readers today were Jan, David and Kathy. 
 Mom came in a bit later bringing a yummy dessert. 
 I'm always amazed at how much work gets done and today was no exception.

 Ruth was scolding me in the picture below for taking her picture. 

 Today was the first time Marie's son Philip came to help all the way from Kitchner Canada. 

 We finished with just about everything before noon. Our lunch break was most welcome after the big push to get the studies all entered, labeled and stuffed. We had 2 tables full today, one in each of the rooms. 
After lunch it was time to clean up and head home. Another successful day of processing the studies. There will be no work on Wednesday at the Berean office but will be on Thursday. The Bibles will be delivered Thursday morning and those will need to be stuffed, wrapped, labeled, stamped and hauled to the post office. Any strong arms are much appreciated. 

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