Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jace Helps

Jace came to the Berean office today to help grandma. Of course he needed a snack before starting all that hard work of coloring papers.
 Cindy arrived and went right to work entering names of those prisoners requesting a Bible. 
 Carol arrived and started right in on filling the boxes for tomorrow. 
Not to brag or anything but I sure do have good grand children. Jace hardly made a sound the entire time we were working. Except at one point he got off his chair and wandered into the other room. We were all busy and not paying much attention until we hear in his loudest voice, "I'm DONE!" He found the bathroom and all by himself decided to use it but then needed a little help. That got us laughing. We will be stuffing, wrapping and labeling Bibles tomorrow at this office starting at 9:00 am and welcome anyone that wants to come.

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