Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Missing Readers

Yesterday we got word that Kathy's dad passed from this earth to heaven. We knew that Kathy and David would be working with her family making arrangements for the funeral leaving the readers a bit short handed. Kathy's family could use prayers, it is always hard to lose a father. We have so many memories of Wilbur, he loved to sing and loved to pick out songs he thought others should sing. One time he brought my dad a song called Excuses and asked us to sing it in Alabama, we also sang that song at the jail, the prisoners laughed along with us as we sang of the many excuses of not going to church.  Mom, Chuck and Marvin were able to get the reading done today.
 We had a surprise volunteer show up today. Cousin Skip (David the 3rd) came and worked. Below Marvin is explaining what he is to do and how to do it.
Megan was put on the computer and we are all impressed with her skills. Why we don't even miss Diane, that is until we need to get supplies ordered. Diane was called today to order more ink for the copy machine. 
 We were missing a few of the regular study processors but Shirley, Jan, Eva Jean and Vonnie were able to keep Megan and I supplied with studies to process just fine. 
 Our lunch break was right at noon, mom got it all prepared and even had some fresh vine ripened tomatoes to serve and share with anyone that wanted some.
 Those first few bites are pretty serious but it doesn't take long for the joking to start. 
The fellowship of kindred spirits in this building is such a blessing to all who come. I can't help but rejoice to see the volunteers all willing to work and hear the happy chatter as the work gets done. These people are more than just volunteers they are all considered friends! The overflow crowd (those not yet adults) ate their meal in the other room. Below Maria is getting them all situated.
 The picture below is just for Emily. As a child she wanted to be the only child on her mom's lap, well Emily Justin seems to have taken your place.
After lunch came the stuffing of envelopes. 
 We had a lot of helpers with this and everything was finished by 1:30 pm.
 Below Mackenson is sealing envelopes.
Today was another fun filled day at the Berean office. If you have time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, consider coming and volunteering for a few hours. The work is SO rewarding.

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