Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Philip To the Rescue

I arrived at the Berean office not sure exactly what was going to happen today. The hard drive crashed on the main computer last Thursday. Marvin and Philip were called but I never heard if they got it up and running. The computer was working but we couldn't find the program. Below Marvin is on the phone with Philip who walked him through how to find the program.
 Our last back up was June 25th so we lost 2 months worth of information but thankfully we were still able to enter names and print labels. Marvin showed me how to back up the computer each day but today I had to leave early and Marie finished up on the computer so it probably did not get backed up. Below are busy volunteers opening studies.
 David is switching out chairs for one of those bright pink fancy chairs. He thinks they are way more comfortable. 
  We had a few interesting touching letters today. The letters and notes are really the heart of this program. Once the prisoner starts doing the Bible study they love the comments the graders make and can hardly wait to get their graded study back. A lot of them send very touching thank you letters. One wrote after finishing all 50 lessons and getting his certificate that this was the first time he had ever finished anything.
 Below Marvin is explaining he has enough mail to open. We didn't really think so and kept piling envelopes on his table. By the way in case you think this work is hard and boring, the office is filled with much laughter as we work together. 
 Ken Hoerr arrived to interview some of the volunteers for the Berean banquet. He got to see how the program is run and how many hands it takes to keep it going. We broke for lunch but had to go right back to work. 
We were not able to finish processing the mail and will be working tomorrow at the Berean Office starting at 9:00 am. There is SO much to do tomorrow. A big thank you to all who came today.
NOW for ONE MORE REMINDER: Please don't forget to come to the Berean Banquet Saturday. This is at 5 Points in Washington at 5:30 pm. There is STILL room to come. The banquet is always enjoyable and informative.

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