Thursday, August 4, 2016


This Berean Prison Ministry isn't just for prisoners, why the volunteers get as much blessing as the prisoners. Today we had 4 new volunteers help. It was really wonderful to see all generations working together to get the Bibles out.
 Above Roma, Edie, and Anna are all opening the mail while below Deb was our only reader today.
 In the other room Eva Jean, Susan, Abram and Kery are stuffing, wrapping and labeling Bibles.
 While Levi opens the boxes of Bibles and stacks them up. 
  Janelle and Shelby were put to work entering the letters and printing out the Bible labels. 
 In the picture below we have 3 generations all working together and all glad they can make a difference in a prisoner's life by this gift of Life!
 Levi was taking the Bibles out of the boxes and stacking them up for Eva Jean who was stuffing them with the first 4 studies. 
 When the Bibles labels were all printed Roma, Shelby and Janelle worked on processing the studies that came in today. 
 Levi stacked, Eva Jean and Susan stuffed, Anna wrapped, Edie put the return address label on, Chuck added the postage, Deb and Kery added the prisoner's name and address, Abram stuffed them back in the box and hauled them out to the van. What an assembly line!
 We were finished just a little after 11:00 am and had a nice lunch break. Below Levi is already on dessert.
 We all fit around the table today. A job well done. 
We really do thank everyone that helps support this ministry and want to remind YOU ALL to make your reservations to come to the Berean banquet August 27th 5:30 pm 5 Points in Washington, IL.
Tonight was the board banquet meeting and the Berean board asked if we could have a stamp drive that night SO the plea goes out again. Anyone have any extra stamps laying around and want to donate them to Berean we could SURELY put them to good use. Just think that stamp you donated could be the saving of a soul.

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