Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ThankYOU for the Stamps

Not sure who to thank but tonight when I picked up the mail tubs at church there were ROLLS of stamps. Some kind soul donated hundreds of stamps, enough for Thursday's mail and even some of Tuesday's mail. Thank you THANK YOU to who ever did that. I can promise these stamps will be put to good use. We are holding a stamp drive during the banquet so these rolls will be added to the total donated during that evening.
Don't forget to make your reservation for that banquet by calling Ellen  (309) 672-0991 
We had an easy morning entering letters at the Berean office. Shelby arrived as I was pulling in and before we could even get the computers turned on Carol walked in. Marie and Justin came a bit later. Carol worked on finishing up all the studies we were not able to finish on Tuesday while Shelby typed in addresses on the computer.
 Notice Carol in the far left of the picture. She was stuffing envelopes while Marie worked on our stamps and filled supplies.
 Justin put away the 10,000 business reply envelopes that had been delivered earlier. 
We finished up before noon today. Saturday the young group is coming out to wrap Bibles, fold studies and stamp envelopes. Shelby will be the organizer for that. We sure appreciate all the volunteers that help with this program.

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