Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Word Of Thanks

We had a relatively light day at the Berean office and with all the great helpers were able to finish pretty much everything by noon. Below are a few pictures of the morning work.
 Shelby was put on the computer while Jan, Marie, Glenna, Shirley, Chuck, Eva Jean, Vonnie and mom worked on opening the studies. 

 Marvin, David and Kathy were the readers today.
 These volunteers work together like a well oiled machine. Marie keeps the copier running while organizing the other volunteers and the studies. By the time we had all the labels printed the others had most of the stuffing finished. This meant we could sit and enjoy lunch together.
 Below Kathy is dishing up the dessert, pecan pie and ice cream. 

I don't have an update yet on the banquet but when that information is shared with me it will be shared here. A special thanks to all the young groups that helped serve the meal and the many volunteers it took to put that banquet on. I'm not sure how many tables were set and filled but the room seemed pretty packed. We thank the guests for coming and supporting this important ministry too. THANKS!

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