Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Computer Crash

Cindy, Dave and I were all working on the computers today typing in Bible requests when something strange happened. All of a sudden Dave's was locked, then mine. The only one working was Cindy's. We were sure she did something to lock us out but she was sure she hadn't. It didn't take long for Cindy's to do the same thing as the other 2 computers.

With Marvin and Gail gone out of the country in Brazil for 3 weeks Phil was called. He recommended turning everything off then back on. Below Cindy and Dave are waiting for all the computers to boot back up staring at blank screens.
Carol was busy on the other table folding studies and just kept right on working when we were goofing off waiting.
 When the computers turned back on our program started working again. Exactly why or how that happens is such a mystery to me.
With 3 of us working we typed the last name in around 11:20 am, quickly printed out the labels and by 11:31 am were on our way to Bob Evans on Allen rd to join the senior lunch bunch. Dave wasn't quite sure he was old enough to join that elite group of people but they were glad when he arrived. We had a nice meal together. The picture below was taken of the right side of the table and the men had already gotten up to pay the bill. The restaurant set us at one long table and I was sitting about in the middle. I forgot to take pictures of the left side of the table. 

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