Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Noisy but SO Productive Crew

The Berean office was unbelievably noisy today, although I'm not sure one can consider the music floating from the other room noise. That truly was beautiful but when the other room tried to join in complaints were heard from those trying to read. Evidently the singing was distracting. Too True! We were busy with an abundance of studies needing to be entered, labeled, stamped, stuffed and sealed.
Honestly I was too busy to remember to pick up the camera until lunch time except for the picture below which was snapped before I sat down to work. Shirley, Marvin L, Glenna and Eva Jean just went right to work opening the mail. Not pictured was Vonnie who came in just after that picture was taken. .David, Kathy and mom were the readers on the other table.
 Sarah was put to work on one of the 3 computers, Ruth and I worked on the other 2 and between the 3 of us we easily kept up with the people opening and those applying the labels. 
 The three ladies below kept both of the Berean rooms of volunteers busy. 
 Our lunch break was welcome today. Mom made a strawberry pie that went over so well there was nothing left by the time lunch was over. 

After lunch we went right back to work and were able to finish the job BEFORE 2:00 pm. Meister's was called to get a load of Bibles delivered but they are still out. I was very very thankful for all the help today. These volunteers come willingly giving of their time, muscles and brains. Joan took the 2 full boxes of studies to be mailed to the post office.
If you have read this far please read just a bit farther. The Berean banquet is just ONE MONTH AWAY. We are hoping, no PRAYING for a good turn out. This will be held at 5 points Washington again Saturday August 27th. It is always a good meal and very informative about the many activities the Berean Prison ministry does. I know there are so many charities asking for money and many are so very important but I want to put a plug in for this ministry. Here in America NONE of the money raised is used for salaries, the donations that come in are used for Bibles, postage, supplies and shipping costs. The prisoner's letters are in my mind the heart of the ministry. These men and women are the throw away souls that sometimes only God loves. Please consider coming to the banquet and help Berean be the physical hands of our loving God.

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