Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A Special Treat

 We had snow on our way to the Berean office this morning.  So much snow was coming down on the interstate it was hard to see the road. Below is a picture from the Berean office, the snow was still falling. 

I had to drop the truck off this morning to get the oil changed and tires rotated so mom followed me to Peoria Tire and Vulcanizing and we got to the Berean office at 8:55 am. Almost everyone was there waiting for us. Wayne walked in with a box of fresh baked donuts for our treat. With that to look forward to everyone was more than willing to get to work.

Bill was able to join us today, he goes back to Mayo Clinic next week to see if all the treatment worked. We think it did as he is looking much better.
Marie sent 2 of her kids to help today at the Berean office and did we ever put them to work.
These good strong young adults were so helpful. Justin and Megan were very willing to do the heavy work. As soon as we were done processing the studies we started on stuffing and wrapping the Bibles.

We finished before noon and really enjoyed those fresh baked delicious donuts from Wayne and Lukie. Those really were a special treat.  

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