Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Busy Morning

 We had a busy morning at the Berean office with more mail than usual.  There were plenty of Bible studies to open and process. Ron, Shirley, mom and Shirley all went right to work.

At one point each of the 3 ladies opened an envelope with the studies all folded separately. We don't like that and if mom opens one she writes on the study to please fold them together. We teased her saying she must have written by mistake, "Please fold separately" 
That made everyone laugh.
Below Marvin is posting something on the bulletin board. If it looks pretty full, IT IS! We have lots of notes on different rules of prisons, jails and prisoners.
Below he is asking if we knew how many copies the new copier had made. The guesses were 3000 all the way to 10,000 but all of the guesses were wrong.
The real number of each double sided copy is WELL over 250,000! Crazy as we haven't had it that long and still call it the new copier. Below he is showing us the exact number which I can't remember.
Bill came today, he had a good report from Mayo Clinic and is in remission. Even his hair is growing back.
Below Marvin is helping Skip look something up while Kathy is showing something to Bill. Leila is reading letters.
Ron, Mom and Shirley went to work in the other room stuffing the next set of Bible studies to be mailed out today.
Shirley is busy working on the intermediate studies.
We only had 19 Bible requests today so spent some time putting the return envelopes on folded studies for the future.
We quit at noon and had delicious cookies and brownies mom brought in. They were all mother's day gifts she was willing to share with all of us. Those cookies tasted even better than they looked. 
Marvin took his home to show his grand daughters telling us they were much to pretty to eat. That didn't seem to bother the rest of us. It was a busy morning but we all enjoyed the work which I was very thankful to get done.

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