Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Replacing Envelopes

 Bill picked up the replacement envelopes from Wayne Printing this morning and brought them over.  Vonnie got us all working on those and believe it or not we finished the job! Every study that has the wrong envelope on (and there were thousands) now has the correct envelope.  Skip and Bill got all the Bibles stuffed, wrapped, labeled and stamped for mailing while we were working on the studies. No pictures of them working as I was working in the other room with Kathy and Chuck.

Below Shirley is getting a box ready to process.
Below is a short video of replacing envelopes. The bad envelopes were removed last week and this week we replaced them with the new envelopes.
We finished by 11:30 am and enjoyed the cheese cake for a snack before heading to the post office to mail the Bibles.  Thankful for everything that got done today.

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