Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tuesday's News on Saturday

The camera was left at the Berean office Tuesday. It was picked up on Wednesday but there was so much other work to get done that this blog just got skipped until now. So this is Tuesday's news on Saturday.  We had a smaller group of volunteers Tuesday as some of our volunteers are on vacation and some were at TAG.  That didn't seem to matter we still got everything done and in good time.
 The studies were opened and processed with the help of  mom, Vonnie, Glenna, Shirley, Ray and Shirley.
 Jeanette and Mark did most of the reading of letters with Shirley helping them when needed. As soon as the studies were finished our group started wrapping Bibles. 
 Bill came in to run the postage machine and after that was done he and Mark loaded his car with Bibles and studies he was sending to Galveston Texas along with the Bibles we were mailing out.
We worked efficiently and joyfully and were glad to finish before lunch. Another good day!

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