Thursday, May 7, 2015

Update from Romania

April 2015
”Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens,
and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.” Dan 12,3

I received some news from Dumitru Costin. He activates in the Găeşti Prison. Recently he finished the three month program with a group of inmates. One of them (Adrian) decided to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. It is a great joy for him. Costin has the possibility to do spiritual counseling with the inmates after each occasion. Some of them want to stay longer. This extra time was blessed by the Lord.

In MCiuc Prison we have completed the three months course. 11 inmates passed the final exam. They testified that the greatest value of the course was the clear understanding of the will of God. They told us that they want to obey God and will do everything to change their life.

We continue with short programs. The advantage is the large number of participants per month.
The disadvantage of the system is the possibility of only two meetings. I pray that God may touch their souls.

I had a pleasant surprise. As usual I visit the organization's volunteers. This time Viorel Sintoiu visited me. It was a joy being together. It was the first time. His wife works at City Hall and she had a conference in the neighboring city of Sovata. Viorel accompanied her. He talked about his ministry. He sent you a separate letter about it. Praise the Lord for his valuable service!

We managed to get in Focsani. Danţus Brother received us with great love (with his son on the picture). He told us that his family recently had great joy, his daughter Alexandra won a national championship in linguistics. We know that Iulian cares for his daughter and spend time for her education. He is a good stay-at-home dad. Now it sees the results. He runs in the prison “A day with Dad” program. In this program it involved the whole church spiritually and financially. This moved the whole congregation and also moved the prisoners. He showed me some of the detainee’s letters. It seems that God has worked wonderfully among them. The program is very useful. May the Lord bless their lives and as they reach home to implement what they have learned! We pray for them.

In this month we managed to help the work of Baboi Marian in Braila Penitentiary. Brother Baboi thanks for the support. He works here with 45 inmates. It is a record compared with other units. He works also with 36 inmates in three more prisons. He is a sleepless volunteer. God bless him and his family!

I arrived this month at MCiuc Gypsy Church. The brothers are well, they enjoy for all things by grace. The brothers gathered for the Lord’s Supper. We were together around the Word of God five hours. After the Lord’s Supper the foot-washing was done. They send greetings to you all with love.
It has been mentioned your priceless gift buying the house of worship. They thank God and you for the building and the continuous financial support. They also raise money for current needs. Recently they bought wood beams to complete the large hall resistance. It is a requirement from the Office of Buildings.
Soon they will join a big evangelization. Hundreds of thousands of books will be distributed at the annual Pentecost pilgrimage of MCiuc.
Please pray for them.

Soon we meet with your delegation. We pray for you and your safe trip.

With love in Christ

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