Monday, September 28, 2015

Camera Home

The camera was picked up and the pictures downloaded from our Tuesday group of volunteers. This was the day I thought we would have very few volunteers and was worried about getting the huge mail load done. The first picture is just some of the big piles of mail.
 We were so thankful a new 'young' volunteer showed up. Below Janelle is hard at work opening the studies with Eva Jean. Glenna is behind them with her own huge piles of studies.
 Poor Janelle, she was put to work unloading an entire pallet of Bibles on Tuesday then loading them back up for mailing on Thursday. We are praying she will come back this week. Jeanette was given a flower today. This was sent in with one of the request letters with a note this rose was sent to us in love.
 Marie's mother-in-law drove all the way from Forrest, IL with her grandson to come help us. They were put right to work folding studies, stuffing them in the Bibles then getting the Bibles wrapped for mailing.
 Mike walked during a very busy morning and we think he was kind of shocked at how many volunteers were crowded into both rooms. Below he is very emphatically explaining something to David. Pictured is Glenna, Jan, Chuck, Eva Jean, Jeanette, Timmy, Timmy's grandma's back, Mike, Marie's back, Dave, Shirley, mom's hand and Jeanette. 
Pictured are Timmy, his grandma, his cousin, Marie and David who was emphatically making his point right back at Mike.
When we finished up Thursday we were all thankful. We survived another week.

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