Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Snow Day

We awoke to 4-5 inches of snow, on the trees, on the ground and most of all on the roads. The thermometer had risen from -2 to 2 above zero so Bill Schick sent a group text to let the volunteers know that we didn't have a lot of mail today so if they wanted to they could stay home but the office would be open today. Below are a few pictures taken this morning.

 The snow was very beautiful glistening like millions of diamonds in the sunshine frosting every strand of grass, limb, and tree. Pictures just couldn't do the true beauty justice. Especially pictures taken with a phone.
The entire drive was spent thanking the Creator who created such beauty. I was not expecting a lot of help and was pleasantly surprised when the two Bill's came along with Kathy, Shirley, Vonnie, Chuck and Robin. We easily were able to finish the studies and even got the Bibles entered and ready to be mailed out all before lunch today. 

Thankful for their willingness to drive out on a frigid snowy winter day. 

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