Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We Did It

We had such a good group today at the Berean office, all willing to do what ever was needed. Leila was put right to work helping Robin. We had an extra job come in from one of the nursing homes and thankfully had the helpers to help with it.
 Bruce was put to work stamping envelopes while Chuck opened mail and applied labels. At the other table were Gertrude, Glenna and Joyce all busy opening mail or applying labels. I was busy at the computer and didn't get pictures of Gertrude and Joyce. 
 The two Marvins were helping Kathy with the reading. We were pretty thrilled to have Marvin back from his long winter vacation. 
 Vonnie helps with everything around here from separating the studies to stuffing and helping with the intermediate studies. 
We had to get the Bible labels printed today so the Bibles could be mailed off today. Marvin moved from reading letters to entering data and we got that job done too. We had a good day getting everything done by noon. I just keep exclaiming, "we did it!"  The work needed to be done today as the office will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.  We also used up all the Bibles and will need another pallet on next Tuesday.

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