Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Another Good Morning

We seem to have the best volunteers around. They show up all ready to work and even before the mail arrives they have found work to do while waiting. Today the mail needed to be picked up in Peoria so was a little late arriving. By the time I got it there there were 3 people all stuffing and wrapping Bibles. It didn't take long for the rest to come and everyone started working on the mail.

 When Bill arrived, he and Marvin went over some of the problems we have been having.  
 One of the problems is the Bible returns. One prison in Pennsylvania is rejecting the Bibles as they put the cover isn't soft enough. The Bibles are in a cardboard sleeve and are soft cover but the prison didn't open them to see, they just rejected them all and we had to pay postage to get the Bible back. That means we paid around $7.00 just to mail the Bible and then get it back when it was rejected. Bill tried to call and left a message for the chaplain's office. The second call he tried to get to the mail room to explain that the Bibles were NOT hard cover and shouldn't be rejected but that call didn't go through either. Hopefully we can get this resolved by sending the Bibles to the resident chaplain and having him deliver them. 
 As soon as the studies are processed they are taken into the other room for stuffing. 

We were able to finish everything by 11:20 this morning and enjoyed a leisurely lunch together. I'm very thankful for those who come ready and willing to serve.

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