Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Almost 80

We had another good day at the Berean office. We had a lot of request letters and by the time the readers had finished there were almost 80 new request that were filled. We also had over 100 studies come in.
 Above and below everyone is working on the studies.
Each Tuesday at 9:30 Marvin set his phone alarm to go off and we have a prayer but Marvin was gone today. Unbelievably this week someone's phone went off right at that time and we thought it was the alarm so of course we had the prayer.
 Below the volunteers are stuffing the new studies for each prisoner.
 As soon as the studies finished we started working on stuffing and wrapping Bibles to fill the 79 requests that came in today.

We were able to finish by lunch and all of us enjoyed our lunch break after getting everything done.

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