Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Fall

Our day at the Berean office was not quite as expected. It started great. We had plenty of help. Below are a few pictures.

 Marvin's wife Gale baked us a couple of pumpkin pies. Now Gale's pies are not made with canned pumpkin and of course she makes her own crust.  WE ALL enjoyed that special dessert. 
We had another good productive day at the Berean office but at the very end, just as we were finishing up lunch mom fell. She was leaving a little early to take her car to Peoria Tire and Vulcanizing to get the tires checked and the oil changed, grabbed her purse and coat and turned quickly, tripped coming out of the hallway and fell face down, putting a big goose egg on her forehead, smashing her nose into the concrete floor, and cutting her hand. Her glasses didn't break but cut her nose when she slammed down. She was bleeding quite bad and had to stay down until we could get the bleeding stopped. When she was able to sit up and we thought maybe get to the car, she had to lay down before she fainted. Mark Kieser helped get her onto the floor.  Bill Schick helped clean up the blood then drove mom's car to Peoria Tire. Chuck Hemmer followed him then brought Bill back to the Berean office to get his car.  When mom felt a little better she was helped into my car and taken home, given an ice pack for her forehead and nose, an Aleve for the pain and settled into her chair for a nap.  One never knows how the day is going to end.

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