Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Huge Blessing

We didn't have a lot of mail at the Berean office today and was able to finish with the studies before 10:00 am so spent an hour wrapping Bibles. We only had 30 Bible requests today. We had a good group of volunteers and I am thankful for such willing workers.
 Above Kathy and Dave are reading letters while below Chuck, Shirley, Shirley, Marvin and Glenna are busy opening studies.

 Marvin worked on entering studies on the computer and then entering the Bible requests once the studies were finished.

 Leila was the other letter reader today.
 Bruce was busy stuffing and wrapping Bibles when he wasn't running the postage machine.
 When we finished processing all the studies we were able to wrap enough Bibles for at least a couple weeks worth of requests. Robin keeps the volunteers in this room organized.
 We enjoyed a snack when finished with everything of cinnamon rolls and coffee before cleaning up and heading home. All of the studies were claimed today for grading. Each week enough people have volunteered to grade the studies. That is a huge blessing during this time of the virus! The prisoners stuck in jails and prisons anxiously await this mail.

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