Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Amazing Peach Cobbler

We didn't have a lot of mail waiting for us so instead of bringing a meal, we just made do with dessert after finishing our work.  Leila offered to bring peach cobbler and without doubt I can honestly say it was the very best peach cobbler I have EVER tasted. The peaches were from Georgia and perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy. Every bite was an absolute delight, but enough of the highlight of the morning. When we arrived Glenna and Marvin were already hard at work, Glenna opening mail and Marvin working on the main computer which had shut off again.  Bruce, Leila, Chuck and Shirley walked in right after us and also went right to work.
 Mark followed them in and went right to work on the computer. 
 Kathy sat down to read and answer letters.
 As soon as the studies were processed, Shirley, Glenna and mom went into the other room to work on addressing the Bible requests. 
 We finished everything around 10:30 am and broke for our special treat. 
 Not only was the cobbler delicious, Leila topped each square with vanilla ice cream then drizzled fresh peach sauce on top. 
 While that was being dished out Mark and Marvin went to work trying to figure out why the main computer is shutting down. They ate their treat as they worked.
We all had a good time visiting while enjoying dessert then left for home around 11:00 am. All the  Bible studies were claimed again for grading. That is another thing to rejoice over. Each week we have had enough people wanting to grade that the prisoners do not have to wait long to get their completed lesson back.

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