Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Deserve To Know

 When we arrived at the Berean office Marvin was out weeding around the air conditioner. Not that we needed air conditioning today we had to turn the heat on.

There was already a group working on the mail when we walked in.
We all sat right down to work. Ray was back and introduced himself to Aunt Jinnie. This was the last day Aunt Jinny could help as tomorrow she leaves for her home in New Jersey.
Benj and Karl came today. Both work at Caterpillar and that company gives their employees a day to volunteer so they chose to come help us! Marvin got Benj going on the second computer but it wasn't easy. The computer wouldn't turn on so Marv crawled under the table, pulled the plug, then plugged it back in and it worked.
Benj was put to work on the computer while Karl was put to work reading letters with Kathy, Marvin and Leila.
We had a good group of volunteers willing to help with a big mail day.
Shirley made coffee and when it was done Glenna came around offering coffee to everyone.

Once the studies were processed the volunteers went into the other room to start wrapping Bibles. 
Wayne stopped in to tell us the good news that his son, Chip's eyes were going to be fine.  We had been praying for Chip.

We were able to finish just before noon. I truly am thankful to all these volunteers who so willingly give of their time to come help with this program. There are many that think these people in prison probably deserve to be in prison but if they are never taught of the ONE who loves them and who died for them how are they to know how to be saved. Jesus desires that ALL would be saved. Don't they deserve to know?

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