Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Beautiful Creation

 Bill is on his way back up to Mayo Clinic for more treatment of his Hodgkin's. He was finally feeling well from the last treatment just in time to head back up.  We really miss him and all of us pray for him and his family.  We had plenty of volunteers today to get our work done.

We had some very interesting letters come in and one was quite thought provoking. He wrote that God created our world in 7 days and that is why we have a 7 day week. That is actually quite fascinating, everything season such as more month or year are due to physics but there is no reason to have a 7 day week.  Above Benj had given the study to his dad Marvin to read it aloud to us. Below Lettie was happy to help her grandpa with the labels.

Above mom and Glenna are working on folding studies while below Marvin is trying to figure out how to get some requested Bibles to the Peoria County Jail.

The Pitney Bowes machine is not working and with Bill gone we weren't sure if we have a contract to have someone come in to fix it or to have Marvin work on it.  We will wait until Bill can answer that question. Thankfully we have plenty of first class stamps thanks to the Roanoke AC church. They gave us a big bagful a while ago. We had 45 Bible request today that were filled and the Bibles mailed out.  Benj shared a couple pictures he took last night of the sunset.

God's creation is just beautiful.

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