Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Sunday Services At the Peoria County Jail

 Aunt Jinnie and I left mom's house at 8:15 am and only Skip beat us there.  He was busy making coffee. It didn't take long for the rest of the volunteers to start arriving. We had a decent amount of mail today and we were glad for those who could give of their time. Bruce was back as the fields were too wet for harvesting. We are always glad when he comes back to run the postage machine. He does other work too but that is the machine we really don't like to use so are thrilled when he shows up.

Below we have just had the prayer and Skip was telling us grabbing a really touching letter to read then he told us about the Sunday service at the Peoria County Jail.
This was what the speaker spoke Sunday to the inmates.
The story went on that he was able to find work washing cars. He is a true success story and now helps other prisoners. Aunt Jinnie was glad to come to Berean this morning to help. She took mom's place for this week. My mom had a stroke a couple weeks ago. Aunt Jinnie arrived to help care for her. We were glad for her help today.

We were able to mail out 70 Bibles today.

We were done before noon and took the Bibles to the Hanna City post office for mailing. It was a good productive morning. 

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