Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Volunteers Needed

 As yesterday was a mail holiday I needed to leave by 7:45 am to drive down to the Peoria post office, pick up the Berean mail and get to the Berean office in time.  There wasn't much of a line this morning so I made it there early enough to shovel snow, a small path from the Berean office to the parking lot. We had a lot of mail and not that many volunteers but it wasn't the mail that caused us all to work overtime.  Our last order of business reply envelopes were missing the bar code on the bottom. We didn't notice but the post office sure did. That mean every study and every Bible going out had to have the business reply envelope changed and we were scrambling to find enough.  Thankfully some of the older boxes of studies had been stuffed with the correct envelope. We just took from those and put on the new.  Bill came and took the boxes back to the printer. Hopefully they can be fixed by next Tuesday. Below are a few pictures of our morning. Kathy and Skip were our only readers this morning. 

Ray, Shirley and Shirley were the study processors.
Below Ray is busy taking the wrong envelope off each study so it can be replaced with one that had the bar code on the bottom while Shirley worked on getting the new studies ready for stuffing.
Joan arrived to pick up studies for grading. She also dropped off a book for us to read and share.
We had more than 200 hundred studies mailed out and 41 Bible requests today. Below Ray and Skip are stuffing, labeling and packaging the Bibles going out today.
In the picture below the rest of us were laughing as Skip looked for a scissors to start over on this particular Bible. Too bad the video wasn't turned on. Part of the package got stuck on the sealer part and it was so stuck that he couldn't pull it off. He ended up destroying that package and putting on a new one.
We all worked hard today to get the work done. Next week if the new envelopes come we will be working hard again. Hopefully more volunteers will show up for that big job.

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