Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Staying Late to Finish

 I walked in the Berean office door right at 9:00 am and of course everyone was there waiting. We really enjoyed working together today and got a lot done. Skip took the picture below. He was supposed to be taking selfi with the rest of us in it and we all laughed when that didn't happen.

That meant we needed a picture of him.
We had a few problems, the printer wouldn't work at first but Bill was able to get it working again. Not pictured in those photo's is Bill but he is in the video below.
Bill needed to have 200 packets of 1 through 4 with the letter and outline made up for the 200 Bibles he was sending to Iowa so we stayed late to finish those. Besides the 200 Bibles sent to Iowa we filled 22 Bible requests and processed about 50 studies. We are very thankful for everything that was accomplished today.

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