Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Key Lime

 As yesterday was a holiday, the post office wasn't open until today to pick up the Berean mail. Each time Monday is a holiday we don't get a lot of mail for the week and today was no exception. Most of the volunteers were told they would not need to come in but we still had enough to get the mail processed this morning.

Beth, Vonnie and Shirley went right to work opening the mail. Skip was the only reader this morning and had all the letters read as I was processing the studies on the computer. Bill came in to help. He had ordered ink for the stamp machine and below he is searching his phone to find out when that was to be delivered as we were low on ink.
It turned out that the ink was being delivered today.
Each week Shirley takes care of all of the intermediate studies. 
Once the studies were finished and the people requesting Bibles were entered into the computer we printed those labels and got the 22 Bibles going out today ready.

We were enjoying key lime pie and coffee by 10:30 am.

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