Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4000 Pounds

After a uncomfortably cold morning walk Diane drove me in to Meister's for our usual Tuesday Berean work. Not long after we arrived Jacob delivered 2 skid loads of wrapped Bibles, that was 120 boxes of Bibles each box weighing in at 32 pounds and all 120 boxes needed to be taken off his truck and loaded into the foyer of Meisters. They were so heavy we were a little afraid the floor was going to cave in so spread them out  in 3 different locations. We formed a chain to get them off the truck and into the building with Jacob on the truck handing a box at a time to Mark who would hand it to me.

 I would hand it to Elden, Elden would hand it to Joe's son and Diane would show them were to put it. by the time we were done we had Bibles in 3 locations around the room. 

While that was going on we had our normal group of volunteers opening and reading the mail.
 Above not pictured is Eva Jean then Shirley, Dave and Kathy are all working on letters and below Joyce is working on the studies
 We had almost more letters come in today than studies but with such good help we were able to finish by noon. Below Kathy and Dave are reading the letters then putting them in order by city which makes it easier to enter them on the computer.
Because we got done by noon we had a leisurely lunch at Dennys.  I brought some of the letters home but don't have time to post them tonight. That will have to be done tomorrow, it's almost 11:00 pm here, way past my bedtime.

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