Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Prisoner's Request

Gail Hodel sent through a couple items for here and the Berean Facebook page.
The first is a request form sent in by a prisoner. When we read this we all started laughing.
The name has been blotted out but hopefully it can still be read, if not this is what the prisoner is requesting.  Can I please get a different conditioner... Not the M.O.P. kind. It makes my head itch bad.  Also need pencil and eraser and if possible a valentines card for a six yr. old girl (granddaughter) and one for my daughter also.  God Bless and Thank you. And a get out of Jail free card if you have one of those... LOL :o)
Nice to see there is still a sense of humor when one is locked up. The second is a poem that was written and read by a prisoner today in the Sunday jail service. Gail writes: Author read this today. She started crying while she read it. Very touching. 
This says: I Don’t ever want to see the inside
Of these walls again
So I’ll say to you
See  you later my sister
See you later my friend

This is not good by no
But something I need to do.
So Lord here is my hand
I want to be made brand new

Make me brand new Lord
I need a new way
Open my eyes Lord, to a brighter Day
Fill me with your Holy Spirit Lord
And show me the way

Make me brand New Lord
Please here what I say
I surrender I submit
To your will Lord and your way
So make me brand new
Right now here today

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