Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Prayer's Requested

We had another busy day at Berean but thankfully had new volunteers. Gary and Marie showed up with their family. We were only missing Dave and Kathy.  Dave called to tell us that Kathy was in the hospital in a lot of pain and was requesting prayers. Please please if you are reading this stop now and pray for Kathy. If the doctors are not able to help here in Peoria they will be driving to Springfield for surgery tomorrow. Kathy is the most kind person I know. We always ask her to answer some of the harder letters to prisoners as she does this so gently and sweetly.
Mom and Marie ended up reading all the letters but there were so many they couldn't finish this morning and had to work into the afternoon.
Below Marie is interpreting a Spanish letter while Gary, Megan and Chuck open the studies.
Below mom and Shirley are reading letters while Eva Jean opens studies and Joan enters the studies on the computer.
 We had piles of mail, today 2 of those big white mailboxes were full and somehow got the studies all processed.
 Joan had the kids working in the conference room stuffing boxes and stamping envelopes.
 Thankfully Shelby and Terren arrived to help keep the kid room working smoothly so Joan could work in the other room on the computer.

We took a break once the studies were all entered and labeled and went to lunch at Denny's we wanted to tell the waitress, Tammy, that tomorrow Berean moves and we probably wouldn't be back on Tuesdays or Thursdays. I'm not sure if she will miss us or be glad to see us go but we thought it only fair to go one more time to explain why we weren't going to show up anymore. Besides that we were hungry, it was well after noon.
When we got back the studies were separated, stuffed and mailed out. We were not able to process any of the letters but needed to quit. There were horses and dogs to care for.

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