Friday, July 3, 2015

Post Office Troubles

Today Diane picked up the mail at TEMCO while I drove straight to the Unsicker farm to unlock the office door for the volunteers coming today. We had such a great group of people today.
 Above Edie, Roma and Eva Jean are working on the studies on the left side of the room while Diane R and Chuck read letters on the right side of the room. Rhonda brought Gladys in to inspect the place. She decided that yes, she could do this work but not today. Today Rhonda, Gladys and Lukie had a date with Old Chicago.
 In the other room Diane, Rachel, Marie, Tate, Willow, Timmy and Jenny were busy labeling the Bibles then hauling them out to Diane's van for transport to the post office.
 Wayne stopped in and was willing to bring the second pallet over from the machine shed to the office. The kids were able to unload those right into the office for stuffing. Marie brought the lunch today. Below we have finished the work for the day and are enjoying this fantastic tasty chicken casserole along with fresh picked green beans, carrot and zucchini muffins with chocolate chips, and chocolate cake for dessert.
 Below are the cars of the volunteers, when Lukie and Wayne mentioned there was plenty of parking we were pretty thrilled. At Meisters there was very little parking and we had to double and sometimes triple park to try to fit all the cars. Why at the new place we could probably have 10 to 15 more cars without overwhelming the lot.
 Diane took the Bibles and mailing to the Peoria post office. That didn't turn out very well, they were not prepared to handle such a large mailing with so many boxes of Bibles. We will probably need to consider taking them back to the Bartonville post office.

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